Saturday, March 7, 2009

Architectural explorations

This message is from a Virgin Mobile user. Enjoy.


My favorite thing when i am in the city, is to get on thwe road and just look around. I am not that into the glamour of New York, and nor the whole idea of the capital of the world ... I am just happy to be around its people. There is a special vibrant feelimg that takes you over when you encounter a New Yorker, similar to the feeling you get when you are abou to do something really special. Frankly if that is not the case with you, then get on the greyhound and off you go. But if it is, you know what i am talking about. The essence of this city- progress, achievement, reaching heights you never dreamt of, which are all noble goals whenever one has them, but seem to be in the air of every cubic foot of this city.
To go back to talking aboyt architecture, the form of this city, in my view, is just that- the idea of connections, which in all their complexity are unravelled on a very simple canvas, the grid. I think this pretty much sums it all up.

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